My certificates

Master's Degree

Master of Management of Digital Transformation

Double Degree IIM/ESILV

Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci, Paris, France

Sandwich course

This is a 2-year master’s degree.

The « Master Double Degree in Digital Transformation Management IIM/EMLV » is a master’s program in France that prepares students for managing digital transformation in businesses. This program focuses on digital strategy, innovation, project management, digital technologies, digital marketing, and data analysis. Graduates gain in-depth expertise in the field of digital transformation and are ready to take on leadership roles in innovation-driven companies and the ever-evolving digital economy.

Example of a project

Project duration: less than 16 hours

Goal : Discover the Bubble tool

Bubble : « Bubble » is a visual programming platform that allows individuals to create web applications without the need for traditional coding.

About the project : In order to discover Bubble’s functionalities we had to recreate the « Spotify » music platform.

4th and 5th year skills web
Innovation management
Team management
Digital audit of an organization
4th and 5 year skils design
Video Creation
3D Dimension

Licence E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Montreuil IUT, Paris, France

Sandwich course

A Bachelor’s degree in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing is a three-year undergraduate program that prepares students for careers in the dynamic fields of e-commerce and digital marketing. The program covers key topics such as e-commerce fundamentals, digital marketing strategies, web design and development, data analytics, mobile and social media marketing, e-commerce operations, and digital advertising. Graduates acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in various roles within e-commerce businesses, digital marketing agencies, and technology companies operating in the digital space.

3rd year skills
Strategic management
Digital law
Digital Economy
Professional English
Project management
E-commerce and digital marketing
Strategic Web Marketing
Operational Web Marketing
Search engine optimization

BTS International Trade

The Advanced Technician’s Certificate in International Trade

Lycée Montalembert higher education centre, Paris, France

A BTS Commerce International is a two-year vocational degree program in France that prepares students for careers in international business. It provides a solid foundation in international business knowledge, language proficiency (especially in English), cultural awareness, and intercultural communication skills. The program includes practical training through internships, focusing on international trade operations, market analysis, international marketing, problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, and project management. Graduates are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate global markets and succeed in international business.

1st and 2nd year skills
Study and monitoring of foreign markets
Commercial computing
Legal and economic environment
Business Management
Prospecting and Customer Care
Management of Import-Export Operations
Communication Intercultural Management
Sales Negotiation