Discover all my (personal) projects

I’ve decided to list most of the projects that I’ve been able to carry out for over three years during my time in higher education. Most of these projects are ‘school’ projects, as they were carried out as part of a course, but they are also personal projects.

You can find out about the different projects I’ve worked on, covering all the different aspects of the digital web, from website creation to application development and design.

Apple refonte

I had to choose a company at random without knowing what we would do. The challenge was great when the company I chose was ....

"Au Bon Café - 3D Dimension

A 3D project. 🤯 Discover my first steps on Adobe Dimension! You'll find three ranges of coffee and a wide range of packaging

.Bubble x Spotify

I was lucky enough to be able to try out a new CMS and to take on Spotify as my project!

FindCoach - Application

If only it were that easy to find a personal trainer ... I've probably found the solution, would you like to have a look?

LoveLife Travel - Website

Check out my first WordPress website!

My logo

Discover the steps involved in creating my logo (choice of colour, shape, etc.)

Prestashop Certification

I was able to take the prestashop certification (open source web application for e-commerce).

SAFER Application

Being sure of reaching your destination is becoming increasingly uncertain. So my team and I set out to make sure that uncertainty became certainty.

StartAlumni - Soutenance

6 project managers and 6 developers got together in 1 week to help improve the user experience of a platform.


I had the opportunity to discover the intelligence and power of creating a chatbot and I loved it!