3D Project

About the project

Au Bon Café is an artistic creation tied to a « school » project completed over a week in 2022. Throughout the year, in my school, we have the opportunity to explore an aspect of digital technology. So, I chose the « 3D Dimension ».

Software : Adobe Dimension

At the end of the week, we were given a project to complete.


We had to create three different packaging environments for a coffee brand, based on the given names.

So, in the pdf, you can see the different packaging created.

We also had to set up different means of communication.

As a result :

  • page 8 to 9, a vision of a communication carried out on Facebook was imagined;
  • pages 10 to 11, posts about the project were published on the @audreyalba_creation instagram page;
  • page n°12 to 14, dynamic stories have been published on the @audreyalba_creation instagram page and you can still find them in the « front page stories »;
  • page n°15, the advertising poster / flyers have been created;
  • page n°16, a « Hero Header » has been designed.