About the team :

The team consisted of 6 project managers and 6 developers who came together for a week to enhance the user experience of a platform. They collaborated with two separate 5th-year classes: Web and Mobile Engineering, and Digital Transformation Management.


You’ll be taking part in a unique hackathon where you’ll have the opportunity to work with two separate 5th year classes: Web and Mobile Engineering and Digital Transformation Management.

Software : Figma is an innovative tool that makes website redesign easier, enabling smooth collaboration among team members and providing advanced features to create modern and intuitive designs.

Theme :

The main theme of the hackathon will be « Innovating the university alumni experience ».

Time :

The hackathon will take place from Monday to Thursday.

Process :

Digital Transformation Management students will start the hackathon on Monday and Tuesday. Web and Mobile Engineering students will join in on Wednesday.

Objectives :

« Revamping the university alumni experience »

  1. Explore fresh perspectives to enhance the university alumni experience, taking into account their needs, challenges, and aspirations.
  2. Conduct an in-depth study to understand the expectations of university alumni, focusing on their:
    • Problems and
    • Concerns, while
    • Considering how a digital solution could address them.
  3. Translate into clear user stories to guide developers’ work. Each user story included a concise description of the feature, its purpose, and its significance for alumni experience.
  4. Create initial prototypes on Figma.
  5. Implement the solution, based on the established user stories.
  6. Validate and conduct functional tests of user stories to ensure the quality and relevance of the proposed solution.