E-Commerce website - Prestashop certification

About the project

72 hours to learn how to:

  • create and manage an online store on PrestaShop.
  • develop my skills in the digital field and
  • turn my online business into success »


My score determines my following skills:

  • Effectively configure and customize a PrestaShop online store using advanced features available in the admin interface.
  • Efficiently manage products on an online store, including adding, modifying, and deleting products, as well as managing categories and product attributes.
  • Integrate and customize PrestaShop themes to tailor the appearance of the online store to needs and preferences.
  • Develop PrestaShop modules (basic), allowing for the creation of custom features for the online store or modification of existing modules to meet specific needs.
  • Manage the PrestaShop store database, including data backup, table and field management, and performing advanced SQL queries if necessary.
Software : Figma

During these 72 hours of exploration, I had the privilege of diving into an e-commerce platform: PrestaShop.

This experience has given me a solid understanding, effectively preparing me to manage and customize an online store on this platform.