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Within Capital Expertise Comptable I had the opportunity to participate in the creation of the websites:


2020-2021 Missions

On September 9, 2020, I’ll be joining the Capital Expert Comptable team headed by Elie Haddad or the first time as Web Marketing Developer Manager.

For a year, I had to answer the following question:

What digital strategy should be put in place to maximise leads on an online site (for accountants and training) ?

I was in regular contact with external service providers, experts in website optimisation and development.

In this context, I carry out the following tasks:
– manage emailings, newsletters, event invitations, promotions, etc.
– create website content
– create blog articles, social media, presentations, … ;
– update website and optimize SEA, SEO (with agency) ;
– manage calendar and organize webinars;
– monitor the contact base and analyze marketing performance, …

My missions can be divided into two main areas:

  • Website-related tasks
  • Communications-related tasks

2020 -2021


Annex 1 – The Site’s Hierarchy or Sitemap:


First of all, there are no official « rules » to follow when building a tree structure. However, in the case of CEC, I had to carry out an audit of the site already on the web before considering the tree structure again.

Annex 2 – Website Information & Source Code:


I have listed the following elements on an EXCEL document:
– Meta description,
– Title H1, H2, H3 …,
– The number of words.

Steps :

  1. Display the source code for each of the site’s pages to identify the different tags and list any errors.
  2. Find out the number of words associated with the « meta description ».
  3. Suggest a meta description with the right number of keywords.

Annex 3 – Competitor Analysis:


Study of CEC’s main web competitors

https://insight.yooda.com/ ,
For each competitor, enter their URL in the « address of the site to be analysed » bar and then group together the top 10 expressions used.

– Use the « yoodainsight » search engine,
List for each competitor:

  • Search expressions,
  • Positioned page,
  • SEO traffic,
  • Competitors,
  • Ranking,
  • Search phrase,
  • Page position,
  • Positioned page.

Annex 4 – SEO Analysis of Competitor Sites:


  • Tools: Semrush

Allows you to extract a number of data concerning the www.capitalexpertise.fr site, which has already been on the web for more than 12 months, and those of its competitors.

The SEO analysis of a competitor’s site can then be used to establish what type of keywords should be used to achieve the best possible ranking.

Thanks to this research, I was able to establish which keywords were the most relevant, but also how many competitors were using them and therefore how many we were missing.

Annex 5 – Domain Name:


I have presented a complete list of proposals for the new domain name for the CEC site, using all the possibilities (with hyphens, dots, without accents, etc.).

Annex 6 – Sales Brochure for « The Formation »:


Creation of several sales brochures for « The Formation » activity dedicated to companies and individuals.

Since February 2021, « The Formation » has been in partnership with Starting Block, a company run by Mr Benoît MARSY.

Thanks to Starting Block’s customer listing, The Formation can benefit from an additional database and offer existing customers new commercial offers. My job was to put together a sales brochure presenting The Formation’s various services for Starting Block’s clients as well as for The Formation’s clients. The site will then be updated.

Creating a brochure means being able to reflect the company’s image, values and business; the pages must be ‘eye-catching’ and ‘stand out’ from the competition.

Every detail counts: the logo, the colour, the type of writing, etc.
As with communication on social networks or when creating a website, we need to tell a story in order to convert prospects into end customers.

Annex 7 – Setting up a « CEC Forecast Editorial Calendar and TF Facebook and Instagram:


The Editorial Calendar is one of the first things to put in place when you want to create content on social networks.
It allows you to:
– Establish a certain amount of rigour between the posts you want to make, thus avoiding repetition;
– Be consistent with what you want to say or are trying to say.

It’s also an excellent tool for organising and visualising the tasks to be undertaken.

The editorial calendar (which was shared with the communications team) included :
– Publication date,
– Time of day
– subject
– Target / Objective,
– Type of content,
– Content type,
– Comments,
– Visual,
– Hashtags,
– Mentions,
– Links,
– Status,

Annex 8 – Website, Analytics Data (Looker Studio):


Analysis of the websites www.capitalexpertise.fr and www.theformation.fr using Google Analytics and Looker Studio (Google Data Studio).

Key insights from Looker Studio include:
– Where the website receives the most traffic.
– The daily number of visits to our website per user.
– The duration of visits to each of the pages by visitors, and more.

These insights are crucial from a digital marketing perspective.

In the case of « The Formation, » thanks to this data studio, we can assess the impact of our search engine optimization (SEO). Graphs have been created to determine how users arrive at our website. Consequently, I have observed that for CEC, 55.6% of website traffic comes from Google’s SEO, while for TF, 44.7% of website traffic originates from Google’s SEO. This study covers the last 5 months (from March 1, 2021, to August 1, 2021).

Furthermore, I have also noticed that 35.5% of CEC’s website traffic comes from direct searches (meaning these are people who already know the website and directly entered its address).

In conclusion, despite very close results, the majority of users who visit the website find it through a Google search. Therefore, the importance of strong SEO becomes evident.

#The appendices of these missions

More document


StartingBlock, a partner of The Formation, informed me of a website audit, and I participated in making corrections to the errors that were identified.

Discover the marketing brochure I created for J’assure Un Max, a partner of Capital Expertise Comptable and The Formation.

Website audit of Capital Expertise Comptable (CEC) that I conducted upon my arrival at the company.

2020 - 2021 : Website Missions

2020 - 2021 : Communication Missions